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Read This First Before Joining a Vacation Travel Club

Some are puzzled of how vacation travel club works. Well basically, travel clubs work on millions of timeshares, luxury hotel rooms left vacant every week and resort properties. Now to be able to recoup the costs associated to such properties, they do provide discounted price on expected vacancies.

They think that it’s better to have something than nothing. Obviously, they can’t make offer these discounted prices to the general public or else, the end consumer wouldn’t pay the retail price again.

Therefore, these resorts offer big piece of lots for villas and condos to other companies to market to their customers. Many of these properties are sold off to big companies in the industry today. In return, they are able to mark up the properties they acquire at discounted price, enough to cover for their expenses in advertising and generate ROI.

Portion of the properties left are being sold on a wholesale market value to vacation clubs. Some of the clubs do make mark ups on properties before they begin making offers to their clients. However, if you will be diligent, you’re going to find many of these clubs that offer properties to their exclusive members base on how much they’ve acquired it.

Basically, these are what you should be looking for in travel club industry. After paying for the membership fee, the new members are given special access to the limited discounted travel deals. Depending on the size of the club, the discounts that you are going to get will be nationwide, regional or country specific. Some of these travel clubs are offering hundreds of options to its members while some bigger and more established vacation travel clubs have hundreds to thousands of exclusive rentals that are available.

When you are in the process of choosing a club, you need to know few important points to ensure that they are reliable and reputable. A reasonable asking price for being a member of their club is 500 to 1000 so if there are those asking more than that, it should serve as a red flag. Regardless if this is your first time joining a country club or not, see to it that they have an accommodating and helpful concierge desk. The concierge plays a vital role in booking your vacation, help in planning a wedding or family reunion, get some travel tips and many more. You can feel reluctant to join the clubs that are charging twice for anything.

Be aware that 4 to 5 star resort is the standard accommodations offered by travel clubs. You have to be wary of vacation travel clubs that are just offering hotel rooms or are gender or age specific.

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